Some Known Starting Points Re Heath Lines

Some Known Starting Points Re Heath Lines


Robert HEATH c1540- <1619 = Agnes READE c1555 <1619 of Blackwood Hill, Horton
Yeoman of Horton at The Crown PH. (next to Horton Church)
These are the, (currently) earliest ancestors of most of the known HEATH's of Horton, inc mine from Tomfield's Farm & The Moorland Poet. They also lead to HEATH's in Monmouth, New Zealand & Australia. Also more HEATH's at Garway& Ross on Wye in Herefordshire, more are at Brown Edge, Norton in the Moors.
By virtue of a marriage between Horton / Cheddleton HEATH's some modern HEATH's are therefore related to two different lines...The Cheddleton HEATH's begin at William HEATH=Mary HAMMERSLEY. (The join can be seen at William HEATH 1859-1931=Alice nee HEATH 1858-1930; they are buried together at Wetley Rocks churchyard). More Cheddleton HEATH's end up at Lubbersthorpenr Lichfield, Ipstones, Hanbury, Manchester, Nottingham & Raglan in Wales.

Andrew HEATH c1672-1709 Endon = Heater/Esther MEAYKIN b. 17 Apr 1677 at Horton Hay.
They lead to Nathaniel HEATH of Sneyd Green & Gratton Hall nr Horton.

Mary HEATH, mother of an illegitimate Adam HEATH b. 11 Mar 1778 at Leek = Hannah SCRAGG.
These lead to some of the Cheddleton & Leek HEATH's although in some other versions on IGI, Adam isn't illegit; but listed as the son of John=Mary HEATH...

Thomas HEATH c1800- at Cauldon = Margaret ?
These lead to a lot of the HEATH's at LeekCemt. (From the Silk Industry): - including a Chris Michael Wheeler BARRETT from Oxford, who attended the first HEATH reunion at Leek in 2013.

Moses HEATH 1759-1820 = Sarah HANCOCK 1761-1813
They were believed to be coalminers of Audley, their line leads to Laura nee HEATH of Audley = Reg HEATH of Tomfield's at Horton.

Jesse HEATH b.1809 in Leek = Rachel BAILEY d.-1899 Huddersfield.
He was a Silk Dyer who ran a factory in Depot St, Derby & leads to a line of HEATH's in Derbyshire.

William HEATH c1806 Uttoxeter= Jane PEARCE; Farmers of Uttoxeter with connections via marriage to other HEATH's of Netherland Green & SPOONER's of Kingstone, Staffs

Joseph HEATH 1801 Leek-1877 Bradnop = Catherine FERNYHOUGH 1821-1877.
He was a Carpenter from Leek but he became a farmer also in Kingsley & Bradnop with lines leading to Ipstones & Onecote.

John HEATH b.1750 Wolstanton = Mary SALE They are linked by DNA to various HEATH's in USA.

Thomas HEATH 1751 at Burslem = Ann NICHOLS b. 1754-, These people lead to John HEATH - Sheriff of Salt Lake City, Utah. Also related to Mormon Pioneers to the Mid West of USA.

Robert HEATH 1791-1848 of Greenhill, Lichfield = Susannah ? b. 1801- These HEATH's lead to a lot who ended up in the Silk industry at Leek & are buried at Leek Cemt.

Robert HEATH 1586- Eccleshall=Ann ? They lead to HEATH's of Kingsley & subsequently onto the COKE's of Trusley in Derbyshire & then onto:

Robert HEATH of Eccleshall= Ann UNIDENT, had nine children at Kingsley, Staffs whose lineage eventually runs to: William HEATH 1681 of Uttoxeter=Elizabeth GARRETT c1683 of Caverswall; These are the ancestors of the Biddulph Grange HEATH's & they are also tied into the HEATH's of Caverswall, Hilderstone, Stone & also the HEATH's of Hanley Hall, Hanley (Chris HEATH of Canada's ancestors).

William HEATH b. 1701- = Sarah ? d.1780; These lead to the Earthenware Potter's of Butt Lane, Coal Miner's at Talke& subsequently to Ted Garway-Heath (another prolific researcher whose line is tied by DNA to Chris HEATH of Canada). Ted's ancestor's are also the Sneyd Green Colliery HEATH's which lead to HEATH's at Burton on Trent. Also one of these HEATH's marry into the BAILEY's which takes us in a full circle back to the READE's of Blackwood Hill & their connection to Roger HEATH Yeoman of The Crown PH at Horton !

Roger HEATH 1619-1698=Jane SILCOX 1625-1698; Roger was from Burslem & travelled to USA & settled in Bucks Co. USA. His sister Jane HEATH 1637-1691 = William YARDLEY 1632-1693; they also travelled to Buck's Co, USA to escape religious persecution (He was a Quaker Minister from The Dairyhouse, Horton)ending up at Prospect farm, Pennsylvania in USA. Another sister, Margery HEATH 1635-1708 = Thomas II JANNEY 1633-1694 (also a Quaker Minister who died visiting relatives in Cheshire, UK) They also settled in Buck's Co. USA. Another of the above YARDLEY's descendants end up at Heath House, Horton - Samuel YARDLEY 1671-1755=Sarah DERELL 1666-1749, they are buried at Horton churchyard.
Another relative of the above YARDLEY's was Andrew II HEATH who emigrated to USA with the HEATH's of Horton (believed to be Jane HEATH's nephew, although this is unproved). He had a very chequered career in Buck's Co, owning huge tracts of land & even ending up in court for adultery with his dau in law; Frances VENABLES in Feb 1701.
The above line also leads to Daniel HEATH 1705-1755=Anne SIMPSON 1712-1772, their descendants become the famous HEATH Potter's of Hadderidge& The Sytch at Burslem - High St at Tunstall & also married into the wildly successful, ADAMS Potters of Bagnall House & Greenfield Pottery.

NB: All the above of course, is only what we know up to the present day & should not be read as the ~final word' on these matters.
Information is always subject to alteration & people reading this should really check their own lines carefully before using or quoting it for their own purposes.

Mark HEATH - May 2016 Rev. Jan 2017

There may be people who would like to start a debate on the above lines, if so I would love to see it on the forum.

Harry Burn 7th January 2017