Robert Heath - Leek Ass. for Prosecution of Felons in 1829

1851 King St, Leek:
Ann Brunt Head F 41 Leek, Staffordshire (Widow)
Robert Brunt Son M 19 Leek, Staffordshire (Silk Manufacturer)
Harriet Brunt Daughter F 16 Leek, Staffordshire
Sarah Ann Brunt Daughter F 15 Leek, Staffordshire
William Brunt Son M 13 Leek, Staffordshire
Henry Brunt Son M 10 Leek, Staffordshire
Robert Heath Father M 76 Dilhorne, Staffordshire (Retired Stone Mason, Widower)

DESCRIPTION: Copy of the will of William Brunt, silk manufacturer, of Leek, Staffs. Dated 9 January 1843.Bequests of £50 to his wife Ann plus all the household goods. To his brother Josiah of Leek, silk manufacturer and James Ridout, Commercial Traveller, of Congleton he left all his stock and interest "in our trade". Provision made for his children.
Witnesses were: James Bloor Clerk to Heathcote Hacker, and Robert Heath.

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From the CRUSO solicitor's documents in the Bednall Archives;
(4) Statutory declaration by Robert Heath of Leek, Staffordshire, yeoman, concerning the Van Tuyl fields on Canal street formerly Spooner's Lane, Leek, dated 25 March 1852.. Heath was 75 years of age and recounted the happenings of 1828 when he was employed by Charles Sheldon of Leek, twister, to build a brick house "now in two houses" in Canal Street now occupied by James McCormack and Ralph Smith on Charles Sheldon's property. Document is signed and dated.

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Bednall Archives: REFERENCE 989 LOCATION Trunk 2
DESCRIPTION: Instructions to Counsel, dated 11 May 1887, to draw up an indorsement of writ in the case of Ridout deceased. This contains family details including names and ages and location of Ridout children and other members of the family. It mentions that Robert Heath was the maternal grandfather of Robert Ridout late of Wath House near Pickering, Yorkshire.
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