Ida Johnson nee Heath

Ida Johnson nee Heath 1909 - 2004.

October 19, 2004

JOHNSON - The funeral of Ida Johnson aged 95 years of Denstone took place on Wednesday 18th August, 2004 followed by service and interment at All Saints Church, Denstone. The service, conducted by Rev. L. Houghton. Ida Heath was born in 1909 into a farming family at Orgreave Gorse Farm, Fradley near Lichfield, she was christened at the nearby Wesleyan Chapel in Alrewas, later moving to Shugborough Park Farm on Lord Lichfields Estate.

Her school days were spent at Blythe House farm in Tean and she could have attended the Girls High School in Uttoxeter but for her father's disapproval of the girls behavior he'd witnessed on the trainas he returned from market. She was very intelligent, a good scholar and stayed on at Tean Church of England School to spend time there teaching the infant class. In her early 20s the Minister at Tean Wesleyan Chapel asked her to consider becoming a Local Preacher which she did and came on to full plan in 1931. To her great surprise Ida won the Methodist Connexional for the Old Testament studies. She was very proud of her links with early Methodism, through the Heaths of Endon and Wetley Rocks. George Heath, the Moorland Poet was related to the family.

When she married Charlie Johnson, the younger son of a Tean butcher and farmer she joined a family descended from William Orpe, who was one of John Wesley's preachers and friend. Entertaining him at Lower House, Prestwood near Uttoxeter, he and neighbours provided shelter for the many people from miles who came to hear Wesley preach there and on his way to Manchester on horseback.

Ida was very well known in North Staffordshire through her preaching and her work for Methodism in her local church, Cheadle circuit and then Stoke and Macclesfield District. She remembers being taken to "appointments" on the back of a motorcycle belonging to another local preacher and having to get off and walk up some of the steep hills in the area. Her daughter remembers the winter of 1947, going on the bus with her when she was planned at Threpwood near Cheadle for the afternoon service - the problem was there were no buses back and they walked home cross country, partly on narrow roads with drifts of snow either side but mostly fields, even touching the tops of telegraph poles, it was nearly dark when they walked over the garden hedge and reached home.

She continued in her preaching when she moved to Denstone in 1954 with her husband and children Kathleen, Mark and Robert. She joined the fellowship at Stubwood Chapel (Dove Valley Circuit) where, she remained a member for the rest of her life. In 1956 her "afterthought" Susanne was born, who has inherited her mother's love of the Methodist Tradition as a way of expressing her faith. Ida was always very involved, apart from her preaching she was a trus¬tee, sang in the choir and was Overseas Missions Secretary at Tean. She sup¬ported Womens Work later to become Network and was Church Council Secretary at Stubwood for many years. Ida's tradition was to contact guest speakers for "Specials" and she always entertained the speaker and the minister for tea beforehand. She loved to entertain and you couldn't go to her home without experiencing her hospitality tea, sandwiches, cake and if you were lucky, one of her "Anglican trifles"

She had to give up her preaching in the 70s to care for Charlie and has been a widow for 24 years. often in not the best of health herself. She took part in many village activities, supporting her husband in his work for the Village Hall, September Markets, Old People's outings, W.I. The Tuesday Club etc and was a good friend and neighbour to many. In recent years when she was no longer able to attend worship at chapel, the fellowship group met at her home and she almost always contributed to the discussions in helpful and thoughtful ways, with a pearl or two of wisdom. Ida was the last of her generation all her contemporaries have gone before her, yet she spanned all the generations, keeping in touch, with her mind active and alert, she was a deep thinker and a good listener, a good friend and good neighbour to many. Her great faith in God helped her through many difficult times and she was prepared and waiting for her passing her through many difficult times and she was prepared and waiting for her passing from this world to the next. Everyone who knew her will miss her warmth, love, support and good counsel.

Family mourners were: Kathleen and Julian Wontner (daughter and son-in-law), Mark and Ann Johnson (son and daughter-in- law), Robert and Pauline Johnson (son and daughter-in-law), Susanne and Roger Smith (daughter and son-in- law), Mr and Mrs G Ward, Mr and Mrs P Wontner. Mr and Mrs R Johnson, Mandy Johnson and Craig. Mr and Mrs R D Johnson, Richard and Peter Smith (grandchildren), Robert William Johnson, Abigail Frances Ida Ward, Katherine Annie Johnson (great grand children).

Also present in church were: Mr and Mrs Anthony Mottram (rep Doreen Campbell), Mr and Mrs James Wooldridge (rep Simon and Hannah), Lorraine Mottram, Steve and Gillian Shirley. Andrew Mottraxn (rep Tracey and Daniel), Dawn and David Matthews (rep Paul and Michelle), Ruth Shirley, David Shirley, Penny Shirley (great great niece), Nigel Mottram, Mr and Mrs David Johnson, John Johnson rep Pat Johnson), Mr and Mrs N Davenport, Mr and Mrs D Corden, Mrs Clare Salt (rep Mr A Salt and family), Margaret Todd (L.P.M.A.) (rep Betty Chadwick and Mrs Isobel Bailey), Judy and Terry Hood (rep Mrs Anne Hollingsworth), Mr Ken Ryder, Mr and Mrs Wilfred Fearn (rep Mrs Nancy Turner), Mrs W Broughton (rep Mrs S Allerton and family), Anne Wood (rep Harold Wood and Ann and John Redfern), Hilary Hawks worth, Lindsay Bowd, Margaret and Henry Finney, David and Christine Smith, Mr and Mrs John Allerton, Mr and Mrs Edward Morton, Mrs S M Ratcliffe (rep Sean), Mrs M E Woodward, Rian Newbold, Mrs M E Lees, Mr D Parker (rep Muriel), Chris Hall (rep Doreen and Ken), Enid and Jack Mycock, Mrs I Bailey, Alec Ward, Elsie Ward (rep Stanley)Mrs R Oaks, Miss L Oaks, Mrs E Hibberd (rep Julian Pratt), Mrs E Doody (rep Miss Shirley Wagstaff), Peter and Margaret Ellicock and Mr O Goodwin, Mr R Rushton, Mr and Mrs Leslie Boot, Cathleen Robson, Bar¬bara Morton, Barbara Plumnier, John Machin, Malcolm Adams (rep Sylvia), Emma Bluck, Eileen Bradley, Miss Mary Tomlinson, Mr C Wilson (rep Boyleston Chapel), Beryl and Tim Dawson, Iris Lockett, Mrs D Lees (rep Mr D Lees and family and Nellie and Tony Lees), Marrilyn Davenport, Peter and Christal Roe, Ron and Eileen Burton, John Rowlinson, Michael and Karen Smith, Mr A Hawksworth, Miss H E Prince, Miss M Goodwin, Rose Edge, Jane Burton, Val Howse, Dylys Delf. John and Betty Stanton, Mr Michael Hicks, Camlyn Johnson and Ann Horobin (rep G P Home lyn Johnson and Ann Horobin (rep G P Home Care~. Mrs Bridgett Ward (rep Alvin), Phil and Dorothy Chatfield, Mrs I Beaumont (reç Denstone W.I.), Mr and Mrs R Beaumont, Mrs Joan Palmer (rep Edward and Palmer family), Mrs S Flint (rep Mrs Mildred Flint, David and Anthony), Mr and Mrs Lionel Lethbridge, Nora Jackson, Mrs B Rowbotham (rep Peter and Church Broughton Methodist Chapel), Mr and Mrs G O Jones, Joan and Campbell Read, Dorothy Rowlinson, Joan Taylor (rep Ken), John Appleby, John Bailey (rep Bailey family), Bob McGuinness (rep Audrey and Mrs Pam Large), Eric Smith (rep Eunice), George Large, David and Julie Corden, Brenda French, Mr R Morton, Mr David Boden (rep Boden family), Adrian Wontner, Dorothy Salt, Neil and Carol Davenport and family.

As a fitting tribute to a warm and popular lady, donations of £1072.50 for the Uttoxeter District Community Nursing Team and £502.50 for "Christian Aid' were gratefully received.