A Shocking Affair.

A Shocking Affair.

A melancholy tragedy was enacted at Eaves Lane, near Hanley last Saturday night. The circumstances were these: At Eaves Lane there lived a farmer named Enoch Brown, who was unhappy enough to have real or imaginary cause for supposing that his wife was improperly intimate with another farmer named Ralph Dale, living at a place called "Leigh House", near Cheddleton.

This led to a quarrel one day last week, when Mrs. Brown left her husband and went to the house of her son, Job Brown, of Luzlow near Bagnall. On Saturday evening, Dale went to Job Brown's house, where Mrs. Brown was staying. He had only been there a short time when the old farmer came in, and finding his wife and Dale there; he made a furious attack on the latter and beat him so unmercifully that he was left for dead.

Mr. Walker surgeon, of Hanley was sent for and Dale was removed to his home, where he lay for sometime in a dangerous state. After committing this violent assault, the farmer went into a barn on his own farm. Where his son Simpson, who lived with him, and had seen him go into the barn, presently found him. He asked his father why he did not go into the house. The old man replied, "Dale won't get over it, and the police are after me. I shall lie down here and if they come. Tell them I have gone out, and you don't know where I am".

His son left him, but returned to the barn about twelve o'clock, and found his father hanging by a rope from a pole placed across two beams that supported the roof of the barn. He had apparently got up on a large heap of corn in the barn, fastened the rope round his neck and swung himself, off his support with such force as to cause instant death.

Mr. Harding held an inquest on the body on Monday afternoon, when Simpson Brown made a deposition and added that he had no doubt his father when he had committed suicide, was out of his mind. The Jury took the same view of the case, and returned a verdict to that effect. Yesterday afternoon, Dale was reported to be on the way to recovering. (Dated 1862)

Enoch Brown (1816 - 1862) was a first cousin once removed to George Heath "The Moorland Poet" and first Cousin to George's mother Eliza.