Welcome to the web pages of "The Heath Family of Staffordshire".

This site is intended to become a resource for any would be "HEATH" researcher out there who wishes to follow their pedigree by taking advantage of knowledge already fully researched and which has already been looked at by at least a family member with a vested interest in ensuring that it is as accurate as it can be.

It concentrates mainly on the HEATH's of Horton, near Leek in Staffordshire but there are now relatives throughout the UK and even out in Canada, New Zealand and Australia. There are also some interesting links to Pennsylvania in America.

There are four main contributors of information to this site: Denise JOHNSON, Melanie MYATT, Harry BURN and Mark HEATH, all are related through direct blood line or marriage to the Heaths of Horton Parish in Staffordshire.

There are many other contributors though and the aim is to counteract some of poor research that has built up over the years on the internet with information that has been verified and known to be correct.

There will eventually be links added to other useful sites. We hope to include the odd pedigree that has been worked upon but not tied in as yet to the Horton clan. Rather than leave these in a cupboard gathering dust, they will be placed on here to encourage information exchange.

Please bear with us as the website is developed and extra features etc are added.

There is a forum included where you can discuss the family and if anyone has any requests please don't be shy pop it onto the forum.

Heath Family Tree

If you go to the links page you will find the link to the "Heath Family Tree" on the Tribal Pages site and is the result of a lot of hard and sometimes frustrating work carried out by of our very own Mark Heath.

2018 Heath Get Together.

'The 2018 Staffordshire Heath Family Reunion will take place on Saturday 8th September at Rudyard Methodist Church, Lake Road, Rudyard from 1pm-4pm. It will be an informal get together with the opportunity to chat and view the family trees along with displays of photographs and information. Please feel free to bring along any photographs or research you don't mind sharing.
Rudyard is in the heart of the Horton Heath homeland but please do not feel it is just for the Horton Heath family, all Staffordshire Heath Families are invited. Rudyard also offers an interesting day out. Horton Church is a very short drive away and Rudyard Lake is only a short walk away. Food and drink are available at the cafe on the dam head at Rudyard Lake or at the nearby The Lake Hotel. So please come along and enjoy a day out.'

We would welcome a donation of £2 per person to help cover costs.

Hannah Heath

Found this in the archives amongst George Heath's papers, written 151 years ago today.

'October 13th
This morning my dear sister Hannah went home to rest
Farewell beloved one escaped from our keeping gone home to thy crown and thy treasures at last. Sorrow affliction temptation and weeping are fled like the feverish dream of the past.'

Hannah was just 23 years old.

Melanie Myatt

By George Heath 1844 - 1869


The jokes and the joys of the season,
Its compliments, laughter, and glee,
Its meetings, its kissings and greetings,
With the love of a friend to thee.

May loved ones flock round thee in plenty,
May "Your little Accounts be scant:
Be thine all the cheer of the season,
With none of its cold and its want.

Be thy sources of pleasure many,
Thy causes for sorrow but few,
May the Old Year drop merrily over
I' the dawn of a happier new.

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